Quilt Project One

I keep trying to post my plan of quilt action for the year
but I can't seem to get it narrowed down.
So, for today, here's an update on my first project
and hopefully I'll follow up with that list very soon.

I chose to make my version of "Plenty of Fish" scrappy,
though most of the fabrics are from my stash rather than
the scrap bin--either way, they're all fabrics I want to use up.
Below are only the lights and mediums.  Today, after I trim
the square sections to size, I'll start in with the darker ones and
then we'll have a better idea of what's going on here.

Two strikes against this pattern:
1)  Cutting directions are throughout rather than all at the beginning
(I don't know about you but this drives me nuts)
2) There's a story written among the directions--
a cute idea for some, I'm sure, but I'm in the sewing room
to make a quilt and this, plus dealing with #1, isn't making it
real easy to efficiently just stick to business.  

However, I'm always grateful for anyone to share quilt patterns
so I am not complaining.  Just trying to point some issues out to anyone
who might be interested in making this.  I'm finding that printing only the
pages that I need and highlight the cutting amounts, etc, as I go is helpful.
These I keep clipped above my table for quicker reference.

Back to working on that plan of action...


I love scrappy quilts, but, I'm a yardage gal. To me, a fat quarter is a scrap. I agree, I like all the cutting instructions up front. Since I don't like cutting, I don't want to be surprised in the middle, with more cutting. It slows me down. I tend to copy patterns, and mark them up with my color changes, etc, so that I don't mess up the original pattern. Any corrections I add to the original pattern. I also like to make them LARGER so that I can easily read the pattern.
Debbie said…
Very good points for future pattern writers to remember. You are right...tell me what to cut first. And if I want a story, make an extra page:) That said ...this will be a great scrap quilt!