12 November 2017

"Apple Orchard" Top Completed--by Grandma

My last block is complete!

I have to admit that in keeping this a scrap- and stash-busting
project, the beauty of this quilt rather surprised me.  

These are just phone pics--one at night, one on a cloudy day--
so, sadly, neither image really does it justice.

"Apple Orchard"

But it really does look more striking in real life.  I can't wait to see how
well the apple pantograph I bought just for quilting this works out.
And, even more, I can't wait to gift it away.

But first on the quilting machine is another gift, October Winds.
After several rows of happy leaf quilting, I ran into tension issues again,
though not near as bad this time.  I think I have them fixed already
but other, more important things came up so it has sat unfinished
for a bit but I am looking forward to finishing it tomorrow.
Not much longer and both will be able to go right under the
Christmas tree when we put it up in a couple weeks.

I did decide to go ahead with hand-sewing the binding on the baby quilt;
my husband was in New Zealand for work so it was looking very likely
I'd be driving myself up to Kansas City to see our new grandson arrive.
No "road trip sewing" for me.

As everything turned out, hubs was able to switch the last leg
of his flight home to KC and, just hours later, we were both able
to be present for the big moment.

Forty-six years old, 25 years of marriage, four kids
and so many memorable life events, and just like that,
suddenly there I was, at 1 o'clock in the morning, a grandma.

A sewing, quilting, knitting, baking, cooking, canning, gardening grandma.
I think I got this.


Debbie said...

Yes, you do. You got this. Congratulations. So glad all came together in the end and that little bundle arrived well.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Congrats Grandma! I'll be one in February. Sew glad both of you got to be there for the birth. I like the quilt at the top. Looks like you chose matching fabrics for the project.

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