09 October 2017

Fall and I Are Settling In

With the shop hop behind me, it's time to settle in and enjoy
the beautiful season of fall, and quilting!

The leaves are beginning to turn and our porch is once again
displaying a bountiful harvest from the garden.

I even put a little pumpkin display just outside my sewing room window.
As I sip on a hot salted caramel apple cider, I'm thinking some
some of those pumpkins may end up in the oven tomorrow.

When the high temp is predicted to be 50.
I didn't even know the forecast this morning when I made a batch of
English muffins and started getting out my sweaters.
Or this past weekend when I decided it was finally time
to turn our older chickens into soup meat and stock.
But I'm right on schedule.
Soup and something pumpkin will definitely be on tomorrow's menu.

Did you catch that?  I butchered chickens--something I do my best
to avoid; it's unpleasant work, especially if you rarely do it.
I'm sure later we'll all appreciate it but right now
I'm not sure I'm feeling it was worth it!
Making stock is something I do enjoy, though, and I was able to cook up
100 cups of great quality hormone-free stock.  I left some regular flavor,
but in the largest pot, I added sprigs of fresh thyme and a little sage.
Perfect for chicken noodle soup.
And it is now all packed away in the freezer to enjoy over the winter. 

I was able to spend just a little time practicing on the long-arm this afternoon.
I only made two rows of these and I know I need more practice but
I'm starting to feel like I might get the hang of it.  I try to look at everything
as a learning opportunity and today I learned that if I'm going to do this,
it's going to have to be when I'm well-rested and with minimal pain.
I also discovered that my frame must've settled into the carpet a little and
so needs leveled out again.  
(the machine was wanting to drift)
All of which is a recipe for:  start again tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Your porch looks delightful and seasonal. It is still hot and humid here after the storm, so we don't feel very seasonal yet.
No the butchering chickens does not sound like fun at all....enough said, as I know you are Wonder Woman.
Keep the practice up....it just takes a while to find your movement and get the muscle memory down.
I made pumpkin swirl bread yesterday....yum

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I don't have a problem with butchered chickens, but, you surely wouldn't want me to be the one to do it. I can't even cut up a store bought whole chicken (what a mess I make). I just never got the hang of it. So glad the store sells 'parts'.

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