06 October 2017

Shop Hop Finds and More Projects Up

Before I hopped through the quilt shops, I started
yet another quilt.  Fall and simple were the two
goals with this one, and I knocked off a third goal
by using a good part of a layer cake.

I don't like having left-overs but those are better
than waste--which is something I did not have
when making these HST's.  And maybe I'll just
make more up for the back, or a bigger quilt.
I'm still deciding on my setting but this is
a sneak peak of my first fall quilt of the year.

We're just beginning to see a hint of bright
colors in the trees but today's humidity and warm
temps are, sadly, sure to delay them a little longer.
At least I can work with them in the sewing room!

I came up pretty short in finding fabrics for specific
quilts but I was able to load up on a couple pieces
that jumped out at me along with a few bolts
at $5/yd clearance prices that are backing-worthy.
I did successfully avoid adding any
pre-cuts to my stash.

I was able to find a good matching navy for the
border on the grandson's quilt.  He's due
very soon so this is at the top of my finish list.
Just waiting for one additional yard
of backing fabric to show up in the mail.

It's a simple quilt with fabrics my daughter
picked out on a recent trip to Missouri Star
to match his room perfectly.  At 51X70, it's not
really a crib quilt but, as we all know, those little
ones grow fast and soon he will be needing it
on his toddler bed anyway.

For anything else I wasn't able to find, our
local shop is having an "end-of-the-bolt" sale
next week--including some clearance fabrics
that I'm hoping will still be there for me in a week.
Till then, I should be able to get
lots of long-arm practice in.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Luscious fall tones you picked! Sorry you didn't find all you wanted....maybe you are being directed to practice on the long arm for a while like you said. Fabric will find a way to find you when the time is right.

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