26 September 2017

Gnome Quilt Top Complete

Doesn't it feel great to finish up UFOs?

Two weeks ago I finished this retro-fabric
quilt top that was started last spring.


Today I finished the sashing, backing and
binding for this gnome quilt began late
last summer while making a baby quilt
out of the same fabrics.

My Crib Size Version

I still have enough fabric to make a third
gnome quilt but no plans for that just yet.
Apparently I really liked this fabric.
(Note to self:  only buy enough for one quilt!)

This means I'm celebrating two empty baskets.
I love jumping in on new projects so I only
allow myself six "open project" baskets to keep
myself in check.  And if I have empty ones, I feel like
I'm doing a great job.  I'd love to have only one
project "open" at a time but things like Christmas,
garden season, football season and babies on
the way can really throw that.
I don't generally carry projects on too long so
six seems to be a workable number for me.

This BOM is hanging out in one of those baskets,
waiting for the next three months to be posted.
"Apple Orchard" is my early start on Christmas gifts.
BOMs are my favorite way to de-stash.

So, yes, I'm getting a nice little pile of quilts
ready for playing around on the long-arm.
Which is just fine by me because some day very
soon I'm going to feel practiced enough to begin.

This is my last year as a football mom so I've
been giving over much of my time to the team.

Last week my husband and I cooked up
a meal for the offense here at our house.
Feeding 50 ravenous guys is no small feat but
we've gotten some practice at large meals over
the last few years so, aside from a little
normal stress, it really was quite fun.
So fun we decided to step up and take on
this week's meal as well.

Our program has a reputation for being very
successful, and for having great parental involvement.
With these Thursday night meals, Friday pre-game
meals, a coach's radio show on Monday eves,
and other random activities--not to
mention the games themselves--it's getting hard
to have a day actually open to quilting.
I'm having a wonderful time but I'm a little torn.
I'm getting a little worn out, and I'm wanting
to get to know my new long-arm.  Of course,
for that, I will have the rest of my life.

But only a couple more months of this.


Debbie said...

I love the first retro quilt top. Looks like soon you will be having LA time for the tops. Enjoy the fast, last days of fall for ball games of your son. You soon will have plenty of time to fill:)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice finishes. Our 'band' seasons are long over. Not sure I'd want to feed 50 football players (my father was one, in high school and college, and I know how much he ate, all by himself). That's a lot of work. Of course, this is from the same lady who used to cook, once a month, the Wednesday church supper, but, we didn't have 50 people, but about 35.

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