Weekend Project

Outside of the BOM that I've begun,
I seem to have a bit of "quilter's block", pardoning the pun.
I've gone from trying to pick out fabric (from the stash) for one
quilt to another and yet another and just nothing seems to work.

So then I decided to try a smaller project.
Maybe I "over-did" myself cramming that bear paw quilt?

While I have seasonal table runners for our formal dining table,
I don't have any that work year-round.  In slowly moving out
the Christmas decor, I was reminded of this yet again.

I still found it a real struggle to make anything work and considered
this could be a sign that I needed to move over to knitting
for a while--which is what I'm usually doing this time of year--
but I just stuck it out and came up with something workable.

The colors remind me more of Kansas summers but, right now,
it's going to be part of a Kansas winter.
Of which, from what I hear, we're about to get a good, solid hit.

My brother and sister-in-law dropped this lovely arrangement by
a week or so before Christmas and it still looks great.
I love a woodsy-themed Christmas so this fit perfectly around
here these last weeks.

On point.
Another first for me.  I need to read up a little more
on it but, for now, close enough, especially for a small project.

The deck is stocked with firewood and I'll need to get on top of laundry,
baking and anything else to make riding this storm out go as smoothly
as possible.  Hopefully, it'll even be fun--especially if it's mostly/all snow.
I love a winter storm but I've learned that ice can really wreak some havoc.
(One year we lost power for 5 days and had to stay at my mom's.
Not only did we lose trees but having the house get down to such frigid
temperatures will mess with appliances and computers.)
I have a new quilt in mind and I'm praying the background fabric I ordered
gets here before Thursday evening when the ice and snow is predicted to hit.
And that it works with the fabrics of my layer cake in mind.


Debbie said…
What a great runner....and it looks beautiful on your table. We just got past our winter storm of mainly ice and light snow.....so glad it will warm up today and stay there. Hope the storm passes by without causing outages