09 January 2017

And So the Year Begins...

Usually I make my lists
(Goals, objectives, quilts, projects etc)
on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
This year, well, I'm still working on them.
I hope my slow start is not a sign of the year to come
but maybe of, say, a more relaxed attitude?
Yeah.  We'll go with that for now...

But enough chit-chat.
I'll get to the lists another time.
I just wanted to stop by this morning to show my first
block of my first, and possibly last, quilt of the year.
I've chosen to participate in the
Quilting Life Block of the Month
over at A Quilting Life.

I have plenty of projects circulating in my mind
for the coming year (will be adding that tab soon) but I'm still
in the mood to work on Christmas gifts.
Maybe that seems a little silly to some but I like to slow-roll
the Christmas season (even though the stores were stocking
Valentine's Day and Easter the very day after Christmas--ugh!).
It's still the Christmas season and I want to keep celebrating.
So, after New Year's I typically head right
back into my sewing room and start on gifts for the
next Christmas--at least for a few months until garden
season begins and then takes over my life.

Fabric selections so far

And when fall rolls around and I find I've
already gotten "X" amount of gifts made...well,
there's just never a thing silly about that.

January...and I'm starting on Christmas gift #1.
Well, why not?

1 comment:

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Makimg Christmas gifts while in the Christmas spirit soumds very sensible to me. Hope item 1 is going well

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