2016 Re-Cap

Not my biggest year for projects due to the big surgery
in the spring but I think I finished strong.  In the sewing room at least.
My favorites of the year?

Grizzly Paws
Marathon quilting here.  Record finish time.
Record pieces.  And a couple of "firsts."

Stars Over the Cabin
Another record-breaker here.  In size this time.
Just as big a surprise as Grizzly Paws though.
Some scrap-busting as a bonus.

Circling Geese
Well, this last one still needs quilted but I wanted to include it.
It was a big scrappy project that I'm really happy with.
Love the deep colors.  While the other two were gifted away,
I may have to keep this just for me.  I really wanted to try raffling it off
but I'm still not sure the best way to go about doing this 
this for the specific charity I have in mind.

It seems that big projects can either wear you out
or get you excited to do more.
All three of these have left me excited to do more.

 Below is a full re-cap, similar to my tab above
A happy, healthy 2017 to all.
May it be one filled not necessarily with many projects,
but with ones that bring you challenge, enrichment and joy.

(Unnamed; '17 Graduation Gift)
Top Finished May '16

Farm Fresh Baby Quilt
Completed 7-19-16

Gnome Stars Baby Quilt
Completed 9-10-16
Gifted 10-16

Gnome Stars Lap Quilt
All 12 blocks completed 7-26-16
No further plans on this one yet.

 Re-Cover Table Top Iron Board
Completed 7-31-16

Little Red Riding Hood
Top completed 8-3-16
Layered and basted 8-24-16
Quilting completed 10-30-16
just needs back of binding hand-sewn on

Winter Windows
Pieced Fall '15; Quilted Jan '16
Completely finished 10-13-16
Gifted 12-25-16

Completed 9-26-16
Gifted 10-16

Circling Geese
Ready for quilting

Stars Over the Cabin
Top Completed 10-17-16;
Gifted 11-13-16

Started 12-1-16
Finished 12-20-16
Gifted 12-24-16

Birthday Gifts
1 Pair cable mittens completed 2-16; gifted 10-16

Christmas Gifts
1 cable scarf completed 1-16; to be gifted 1-17
1 pair fingerless gloves 1-16; gifted 12-16
3 pr cable mittens completed 2-16;  gifted 12-16


Debbie said…
A very good finish of wonderful projects. You did well and spread a lot of quilt hugs around.
Raewyn said…
Beautiful quilts completed and lovely ones in waiting :-) Well done on your productive year!