So Sew Busy!

I think that just maybe I'm either on or ahead of schedule so I'm
stepping back into the blog world to show what I've been up to.
(I can't believe it's only been a month?)
So, very quickly, here's what's up!

Remember that I wanted to join in on the MOD Bear Paw QAL...
Well, I finally started mine.  
On Dec. 1 if we want to keep track of days.
And when I say that every free second has been spent
 in my sewing room I truly mean every. free. stealthy little second!
Even if only to trim a few of these:

It started with 244 of these, trimming them down to a mere 1.5"...
but then I wanted to add an extra row for length.
And there were more paws for around the bear.
I lost track but my wrists and fingers can probably tell you
that it ended up being more like 300+.  

I was quickly sewing them into paws within 48 hours.
And the tiny little paws in tiny little blocks.

I don't think I've ever made a bear paw...
that I know of anyway.  
Maybe I put one in a sampler or something?

I fully embrace growth and challenges, especially
in the kitchen and in the sewing room!

I moved my machine for a nice view of the snow that was predicted,
And though little came, I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Now, bear in mind here...(did you catch that?)
I'm having to do this while the cat's away, so to speak.
Which means weekends and evenings are off-limits.
And I have to clean up every little speck before the
hubs gets home.  He knows I've had some Christmas
sewing to do but thinks it's for the kids.
That's true, of course, but I finished that already.

Stay tuned!
The top is almost done!  Today I add the final border and
just maybe I'll get it basted even!
Gotta surprise my husband with this on Christmas Eve.


Debbie said…
Very sneaky of you, but very much worth the surprise you are planning. I think it is wonderful and so manly. Be proud of yourself!
Lorna McMahon said…
I do feel for you on all that trimming, Cheree. But your blocks are looking fabulous! All that pain will soon be long forgotten, as your bear paws have now become a quilt top! Can't wait to see the big reveal.... PS. I can send you some of our snow if you'd like. We have plenty already!