Continuing on With the Bear Paw

Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a chance
post the progress on the bear paw quilt so I'll need to
do a little back-tracking.

Because this is for my husband, I added another row,
which added to my work in more ways than one.
When you're in a time crunch, adding work isn't the
greatest idea needed to be done.
Below is my [crooked] picture of all 1,620 pieces at this point.

I think this was about the only time I stopped to actually
look at what I'd made.  Pretty cool so far, eh?
But back to work...

I quickly moved on to the bear.
I use my clothespin organizing method all the time.
I know there are some products out there for times
like these but really, nothing beats some plain, cheap
clothespins.  I have the alphabet on one side
and numbers on the other.

I started out with my pieces all lined up and in order
but as I said, I worked fast and didn't think
to take a picture till I'd torn through my organization
and used up at least half of them.
Good thing they were marked, right?
I flew through the bear easily and quickly.

Back to the tiny pieces...
my husband is highly impressed with this picture.

The big reveal is next.
And yes, he was very surprised!


Debbie said…
Just WOW! Great job and I love this one.
Lorna McMahon said…
Incredible! I can't imagine adding to your rows. This will be such a great big beautiful quilt when you are finished! I think a great big Bear Hug is in order! Well done!