02 November 2016

Why You Never Give Up

Someone out there is going to be proud of me for this.

I haven't really watched baseball in, well, forever.
Unless you count my own kids' games.
And I did watch a play or two of our KC Royals
when they were in the Series last year.
(don't worry--I'm getting to the quilting part...)
But my husband has always been a Cubs fan and all of the
hoopla about them FINALLY making it to the World Series seemed
kind of fun so I've caught myself watching here and there.
  Last night especially--I even got pretty excited.

But, you know me, I will hardly ever just sit and watch tv.
I was searching for design ideas for my next quilt
and practicing on paper.

And what should come up on Pinterest but those darned feathers.
I've tried these many times over the years only to give up.
More quickly than I should, too, but they just make me feel like
I've never touched a pencil before, let alone a sewing machine.
I'd start out sort of "ok" and then it would totally lose its shape.

So there I was, cheering and drawing, and suddenly
I looked down and....I did it.
Far from perfect but an actually feather had emerged!
I don't know what clicked but I found a groove.
I spent just a few minutes at the machine today and
I think, with more practice, I might just put this
into one of my quilts in the near future.

The lowest one was my first go; above, it got better.

I've got more work to do, I know, but the
Cubs have been trying to get into the World Series 
much, MUCH longer than I've been trying to figure out
those feathers! However, the lesson is the same:

Never give up!
Go Cubs!

My husband and boys years ago on our family trip to Chicago.
We got to see a Cubs game along with lots of museums etc.
So much to do in Chicago!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Congrats on the feathers. I tried drawing them, several years ago, and I couldn't even do that, while looking at a picture of feathers. I gave up and got some stencils. Good luck to the Cubs, even tho I'm not a baseball fan.

Debbie said...

I am proud, I am very proud of you!!!! The more you draw the more muscle memory you develop. The more muscle memory, the less you have to think about it when you get to the machine.
Lots of style on Pinterest, so try them all until you find the one that suits you. I love the "bump back style", as well as the individual plumes that you did. Practice those plumes and add a little curve to the tail.
A little secret I teach. Draw a heart. Look at it. Draw a line from the top to the bottom....thru the cleavage to the pointed tail. One half a heart is a plume...that is the shape you need. You need to be able to draw and sew those plumes--half a heart--with the head in all directions of North South East West before you sew. :)

R's Rue said...


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