10 November 2016

Stars Over the Cabin Finish! Next Quilt Basted, Ready To Go!

Just a quick mid-week check-in and some pics to share:

The Stars Over the Cabin Quilt is 100% done.
Yes, even the label!
Looking back, this has really been pretty fun
and definitely a rewarding project.

I'll admit there were times it seemed to almost drag along
but I'm so glad I chose this pattern, these colors...
this whole project!

I tried everything I could think of to get a full picture.
I didn't want to bring in a ladder.
I considered laying it out on the lawn but that made me nervous.
I even had my 6'1" son stand on the sofa...

Not quite!  But, oh well.  I don't like to spend too much time
trying to take perfect pictures anyway!

It'll be a bit of an effort to let this go--aren't they all?
We spend a lot of time with our quilts before we send them away.
But, truly I am very excited for when my husband and I drop
this surprise off to one of our favorite couples and friends.
I should make sure that happens this weekend,
before I get more attached, right?

I'm still struggling with limitations
(well, honestly I can do most things but then I will pay dearly, esp at night,
for doing them.  I just cannot understand why it's not getting better!)
but I've been trying hard to get at least some
of the fall cleaning done around here.
I've tackled the windows in small sections--a few at a time and
when I have someone around to help.
I still have my sunroom left to do--eight large windows--and the fact
that it's November already was starting to make me think
they might never get done.  However, one of my sisters is stopping by
and we should get them polished off tomorrow morning.

But that meant getting some things I've been
working on finished and put out of the way.
So up went the third quilt this afternoon.

I still can't believe I used to baste all by hand!
Now I just make one line of stitches along the very outside
of the quilt but the rest is all pinned.
And I always take the opportunity to use up old thread.

Another full weekend ahead but, as always,
hoping to get in some quilting time.

Happy weekend to all!

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