03 October 2016

Shop Hop Pictures and Haul

I had a great time and found everything I was after but,
as usual, I made it about half-way through the shop-hop
before I remembered to take pictures.

   I guess was so focused on finding the fabrics I needed to finish
my current projects that I forgot to even look at the
quilts hanging around in the shops.  If you've ever done one,
you know that shop hops can be very overwhelming--
especially if you squeeze them all in one day like we did.
It's a huge sensory-overload issue and by the end,
you're drained.  We've decided next year that we will have
to have our husbands meet us for a drink at the end
to unwind and decompress!

So, it may not be the most practical way to go about it
but I think from now on I need to limit my project
"searches" to maybe just two?  Or just backings?
Backing seems to be the simplest to find anyway.

I like the above quilt for it's great use of scraps.

We also realized that most of these shops are under an hour
away so it's not like I have to wait till the shop hop to hit
their clearance racks.

This one seemed a little bland to me but I like the pattern.
And muted colors are easier to match to a room so
there is certainly a place for this look.

More random quilts because
I finally remembered to take pictures, basically.
The previous quilt pattern (to the right) in brighter colors.

I know that I just alluded that I prefer more color in a quilt
but someday I do hope to make a black and ivory with
all the shades in between.

The style of this quilt was too contemporary for me but
the colors are great and look at the quilting!

It was designed and quilted by a man.
So pretty and uniform.

This is why, someday, I will have a huge long-arm
with all the computer attachments!
Not that I wouldn't also do free-hand...

Here is my official haul.
More reds for my current project, sashings and backings that should
finish off my other few projects and a few random fabrics for fun.
(yes, there are bolts up there--$5/yd!)
One thing I noticed when touring the shops is that I am back at
loving the deep, rich shades again, and, in general, more traditional
and reproduction.  Maybe it's time to do that Civil War quilt soon?
I also "won" a spool of thread and a bundle of random strips.

I thought I'd sworn off layer cakes but these fabrics all
seem to be fairly small in print and I should have no problems
cutting them up into smaller sizes.  This was on clearance,
of course, and there are also lots of matching by-the-yard 
fabrics on the clearance rack at this shop.  I did pick up
some but it's a local one so I may run back if I figure
out exactly what I'm doing with this soon.

I love a good drive through the Kansas Flint Hills and prairies
but my allergies do not!  So here I am again very under the weather.
Looks like I won't be getting much fall cleaning done but I'm
still hoping for a productive week in the sewing room...
and dreaming of our first hard freeze of winter!

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Debbie said...

Good haul...selection of fabrics. Shop Hops wear me out and you are right about being overwhelmed. Glad you had fun.

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