02 October 2016

Monday Check-In

The flying geese top is done.
I picked up another black fabric on the shop-hop when I
realized that nothing would carry another border but black.

Once I got the first border on, however, I began to see that,
even though I had some fabrics that worked well enough for
a second border, nothing made it pop like that black.
Just the black.
So I stopped there.  Besides, I'd rather not
get it so big that it would be a struggle to quilt.

If I'd only known, I sure could've made that outer border
a tiny
 bit thicker but, really, it has become a
beautiful quilt so I really shouldn't regret anything.

(For reference, here it is before the border.)

And now I'm left with the question of what to put on the back.
I picked a plaid fabric up for a song when a local shop closed;
not quite the prettiest fabric but I couldn't resist the price
and I knew it would work for a fall quilt.

I think I've decided on doing something special with this quilt
so I'm not sure how I feel about putting on a so-so fabric
on the back so I'm asking for opinions here.
My husband thinks it looks just fine, as do I.
What do you think?  Honestly, does it look good?

It's late so my lighting isn't the best so I'm not sure it shows
but I do think this other black fabric as a binding would help.
I'd love to use what I have on hand but I don't want
to compromise either.  Thoughts?

Tomorrow sharing pics from the shop-hop!


Debbie said...

I think that small plaid is great for the backing. The tiny print works good for binding....adds some extra personality and goes with the backing. Great job!

Unknown said...

I think its looking really smart. The Binding co-ordinates well but for me the backing doesnt work in the brown plaid - but then I'm always anti-brown, lol! You can see it best ,so go with your instinct.

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