The Geese Are Done and Two Days till Shop-Hop!

Exciting things going on around here--so much to post!
First of all, it's fall and the weather is gorgeous!
Having the windows open to the cool air boosts my mood enormously.
It makes me want to clean, cook, read, do laundry and sew all at once.
(The choice, though, is kind of a no-brainer!)
And watching football games wearing a hoodie
instead of dying in the heat is so much more fun!
I do hope the weather has been beautiful for you, too, and that
you've been able to spend time doing things that you love.

Outside, my garden still runs amuck and we've now lost 5 chickens.
Most or all to opossums, perhaps one to a hawk.
I love to let them free-range but it's dangerous this time
of year when the hawks are really on the move.

The coop after we moved it to it's current spot several years ago

Our plan is to build a completely new coop next spring as ours is
not only showing wear (especially the run) but more importantly,
it's too low for me to get into with my back problems.  I will keep up with
the progress on that major project as it evolves early next year.

On to quilting...
The geese went together very quickly--
so much faster than all that cutting out.

As a reminder, here it is "before":

Recall that I just could NOT figure out two more borders;
and, I was unhappy with how small it was.

And let's imagine a nice dark border finishing it off.
(Dark brown?  Green?  Deep red?)
Should I admit that it is pure luck that my outer geese are
circling in the opposite direction as those in the blocks?
I'm so glad it just worked out that way because I honestly
didn't even think about it.
I'm reminded of how the geese circle a field before they
settle in for the night.
(And proceed to eat the poor farmer's entire crop!)
I have to say, I love it.

I also love going on the annual shop hop--it starts this Thursday!
I'm looking forward to sharing lots of pictures of quilts, fabrics, ideas
and maybe a nice haul that I think I've worked hard at earning
by using so much of my stash these last months.

Oh yes--this reminds me.  I did finally gift the gnome quilt!

The brand new mom is the daughter of the teacher of the
theology class that I took at church last year.
She and her husband, who both took the class,
had a baby boy two weeks ago.
I also finished the binding on my orange zig-zag quilt.
Will post pic on that soon.
So many finishes makes a person happy!

And one more thing that I love:  vacation!
We have that coming up in a few weeks, too.
We're taking a quick get-away to a few hidden gems:  a lovely (& quiet!)
B&B, a fantastic restaurant, some site-seeing and one huge outdoor
craft show--all buried in the Ozark hills, just as the leaves are beginning
to turn!  I hesitate to call it a craft show; it's acres and acres of very
talented artisans.  It speaks volumes that my husband actually enjoyed
when we discovered it years ago and is very willing to go back this year.

Pic from our visit several years ago

Months ago, as I was laying in bed recovering from surgery,
I came across the latest addition to a favorite B&B:
a separate little cottage from the main home.
Such cozy furniture, colors and patterns!

In really intense pain at the time, this became something to
look forward to, something in the future on which to focus.
At that time, a getaway sounded absolutely fantastic so my
husband and I booked it for our birthdays and I've been
looking forward to this little vacation so much ever since.
(Can you tell I'm not a "head off to the tropics" kind of person?)
I think I could spend weeks in this little cottage.
With my sewing machine, of course.

October is going to be packed with fun and there will
be so much to share over these next weeks!

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Debbie said…
the circling geese look wonderful......what ever you use for the last border will make that color pop through out. So pick your favorite and it will be great.
super b and b. You are so right ,it will be a great get away...enjoy and take photos to share.