08 September 2016

Raining Geese, and I'm Starting Another Quilt

It's almost midnight and I should have been asleep a good
hour or so ago, especially considering I'm already
quite behind on sleep but...
suddenly, just now, out of the blue:  thunder.
Worth it.  I always love a good storm.

I can't believe it but, yep, I'm starting another one.

I love the unique design in the stars on this pattern,
the flip in darks/lights that creates that diagonal.

When piecing the first blocks, I couldn't help but
do a small double-take, along with doing a 
double-check, when putting those star points on.
They just seemed wrong.

They seemed sideways.
(sorry for the bad lighting--it's late!)

But when you know where it's all going, it's all good.
And that is one of the things I love about quilting.
I like trying out new patterns with 
their different arrangements and piecing.

Fall colors, some fall fabrics...will it be a definite "fall" quilt?
Or will it just be full of rich colors that work any time?

My plan for this one is to make it just a little smaller,
(pictured above is 84 x 96)
and I'm really hoping a border will work.
I'm a border person.
I like tidiness.  Framing.  Pulling it all together.
The drop-off of borderless quilts just...well, it's
like they leave me hanging.

Hmm.  Left hanging.  Oh!
What happened to the geese?
I tore through my fabric, very intent on finding the two borders within
my own stash.  I tried so many combinations I couldn't think or see
straight so I'd walk away, come back later and start again.
So, I enlisted the help of a friend--who had a good idea.

Make a border of geese.  All the way around.
Flying in circles just like they do as they circle
a wheat field before landing
(and proceeding to strip off the poor farmer's crop!)
It's a perfect remedy for the disappointment I felt when I
discovered just how small the center of this quilt would be.
No matter how hard I tried to make those two borders
finish this off, I just wasn't "done" with the center, though I'll
admit to already looking ahead mentally to the next quilt.

It's really funny when the right step just won't let you go. 
No matter what you want to work, another fabric
or design just keeps coming back to gnaw at you.
That's when you know it's the right decision
~rain begins to hit the windows~more thunder~
and you stop trying to kid yourself and give in.
~thunder, rain blowing harder on the windows~

Why doesn't it bother me that I'm stopping there and moving on
to my next quilt?  Maybe because I know for a fact I'll back to it?
I'll have time.  And I know I enjoy making geese.
See, right now I have two very open days
that scream for starting a new quilt.  So I did.
~rain suddenly letting up~
~thunder growing a little more distant~

And, yikes!  It's 12:43 am!

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Debbie said...

love your colors for new one.....yes, those points do seem odd. But love the blocks. Good solution to your geese problem :)

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