12 September 2016

Monday Check-In

I can't believe it's mid-September and I still don't have
pumpkins and gourds gracing our front porch.

I flipped through some of my past fall porch pics to 
remind myself of what we have on hand.

Apparently I take a lot of these pics but it's one of my favorite
ways to set the mood of the season.  I do my best to avoid buying
anything new, so I work at making it different from year to year
in some way.  Fall is the one season you can get by using any
older decor laying around in the attic, garage or wherever.
In fact, I think it looks better that way.

I could do a whole post on just these but back to this year.
I do have a straw bale out there.  One sad little bale with nothing on it.
For now.  I really need to head out to the weeds garden.
It's likely too early for the pumpkins but I know there are
plenty of gourds ready to give me a good start with the decor.

We got more rain, adding over 6 inches on just Friday night
to what we had already gotten the previous 2 days.
More is predicted and that is music to my ears, or rather, it will soon
be color to our eyes when the leaves turn in about a month!
For now it has been just beautiful; we've had the a/c off for days.

Checking in now with my current project.
While I didn't get any sewing in over the weekend,
I did find some time today.  Unfortunately, my sewing room
gets really warm (even with a window and ceiling fan) when I have
all the lights and the iron on so I've had to call it quits for today.
But not before I added two blocks to my latest project.  

A paltry amount, to be sure, but I wasn't really
feeling it today, and progress is progress so we'll leave it at that.
This is slow-going, this one.  Scrappy quilts tend to be
that way.  And I'm beginning to wonder if I have enough reds!
I need to make 24 of these blocks and was hoping to have no
more than two of each fabrics.  May have to expand the 
parameter on the "rustic reds".

A good friend recently repainted her living room in a neutral tone and
purchased a new sofa with colorful pillows but I just couldn't remember
the colors.  They are such good friends of our family that I've often
thought about making them a quilt.  I wasn't quite sure about these
colors as I began this one...but I was hopeful! 
Apparently my brain had it in there somewhere because this
past weekend I discovered that these will match perfectly!
And so the fate of this quilt is sealed.

In other quilty news:
the gnomes are ready to be delivered!

And, to the best of my gnowledge, the mom-to-be
hasn't delivered yet so I'm on schedule still!

morning (shade) pic

There are 23 days till the shop hop!
These "un-bounds" need to be completed and I'd like to get the 
tops of the geese and this new project all done before I allow
myself to have a little fabric splurging!
That's pushing it, I know, but a girl can at least try!

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Debbie said...

The reds are beautiful! The variation in shades/tones gives such depth. Wish we had rain...trees are losing leaves under stress. We may not have much fall color.

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