21 September 2016

Mid-Week Check-In

I had this great post written about a wonderful
weekend--a small party with friends to celebrate
our birthdays, some sewing, lots of football,
great weather...
but after two days of technical difficulties,
I finally just gave up.

I'd start over but it's mid-week so
I'm going to make do with just saying that I made
sure a couple quilts made their way to the party.

And here is where I'm at with my current project.
I stepped back to survey...

...and didn't like what I saw.
Granted. the log cabin blocks aren't there yet but I still
think those two yellow-golds have to go, and maybe
two others as well.  And I'm out of rustic reds!
I know when I've been beat so it's just going to
have to wait for the shop hop now.

And so it's back to my fall geese quilt this week.
I have plenty of works-in-progress to finish up for now.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

As it is, I agree with you about the golden tone blocks. They jump out at you. Reserve final judgement until the rest of the blocks are done. Sometimes, things will fool you.

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