23 September 2016

Back to the Geese

Flipping back and forth between quilt projects is kind of new
territory for me.  It's a little unsettling to leave things unfinished,
but for now I'm just trying to go with it.
I'm sure they'll all get finished up soon enough.

After I set the red/ivory quilt aside, I went back to
working on the geese border for this quilt:

All of this fabric has come from either my scrap bin or my stash.
When I decided to add more geese in as a border, it was that
off-white back ground that had me a little nervous.
Now, if I did my math correctly
(the odds of me being wrong at math are pretty good by the way!)
I had JUST enough of that background fabric.
Seriously.  I had 2 little 2.5" squares left over.  

As I was cutting I was trying to think of creative ways to maybe fill in,
say, the corners of the border, or maybe some breaks in the geese here
or there, but then came a huge sigh of relief.
Again, provided my math is correct.

After I got all of my squares and rectangles cut out, I was all set to sew
them up the next day, which was looking wonderfully open....

until I woke up with with fever, chills, full-body aches, couldn't swallow,
migraine, nausea--everything!  I'm not a person to go straight into
the doctor but this was in a category all on its own.
And the shop hop was just a week away!  (Priorities!)
Besides, I certainly didn't want my family to get it.

It turned out that 10 of the other patients before me had the same thing.
 I think I was a child the last time I had strep and only remember a sore throat.
This was something else entirely--maybe because
I'm much older now?  It hit so suddenly and affected all of me that
I spent the day in bed, miserably floating in and out of sleep,
and so, so grateful that I still have back pain meds on hand.
Sadly, not one single goose was sewn yesterday.
What a lousy way to bring in the first day of my favorite season!

I was only at about 60% when I woke up this morning but
one day off is more than enough for me so I pushed myself.
Besides, I could feel the antibiotics working and by noon
I was in the sewing room, working away.
To anyone out there that might find themselves waking up in this
sad state:  just go straight to the doctor.
You'll get back to life much more quickly!

For tonight's game--homecoming--my son was chosen
to lead the team onto the field carrying what we call
The Vengeance Flag, in memory of a previous alum and
coach, Cpt. Chris Norgren.  He, along with 6 other marines,
died in a helicopter crash while saving others after
a major earthquake in Nepal in May of 2015.

A little tired and sweaty from practice

The player is chosen by coaches and teachers from the team
 (about 92 players) for his exemplary leadership so I was
very excited--and yes, this got me out of bed--when my son
brought the flag home last night.
It is a big honor and, sick or not, I'll be there tonight to see it.

But back to last night...
I soon found myself crawling back out of bed for another life event.  

We surprised my other son with his first
set of wheels.  He couldn't be happier.
I guess it was just kind of a busy night around here!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend that
hopefully includes some sewing!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Oh boy....strep is a set back....rest and fluids too in between your family events. The strains going around are stronger than years ago.
Congrats to both of your boys.
The geese look good....take time to enjoy them.

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