23 August 2016

Zig Zag Quilting

I decided simple, straight quilting on the 
zig zags would best fit this quilt's style.
It's requiring a lot of stopping, pivoting and
re-adjusting the entire quilt so it "simple" may
not be the best word for it.

My last two projects were crib quilts and didn't 
seem to add much to my back pain as I quilted.
This one on the other hand...well, let's just say
I'm taking lots of breaks.

Today's breaks included making blackberry jelly
and 18 breakfast sandwiches for school mornings.
(though not gourmet, they do survive the freezer well enough)
I also threw in twenty laps in the pool, though
sometimes I wonder if this is really helping my back.
I simply have to do some sort of exercise and it's
too hot to walk so it's really my only option.
Maybe I should write about my surgery one of these
days since I keep referring to it, and it was a little
outside the norm as far as back surgeries go.

But for now, it's quilting.
Tomorrow when I'm taking breaks, 
I'll be basting yet another quilt.
This is not normal for me.

Two quilts waiting for binding
to be sewn on, one currently being quilted and
another waiting to be basted.  Who does this??

Some of the issue is that I prefer to sew binding
on by hand and generally I save hand-sewing for
in front of the tv...but I hardly ever watch it.
However, I still really hope to have all of these done
within a week or so, especially since I'm pretty
excited to start my next quilt which
will be in fall colors!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

The zig zag looks great.....many breaks required for this type of quilting. Simple but not easy on the body.
You have a good process going by moving each quilt to the next stage....basting to quilting to binding. Maybe 20 minutes of binding stitching each day will move them along.

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