02 August 2016

Trip to Missouri Star Quilt Co.

This past weekend, as part of a trip up to KC, I
talked my husband and 2 teen sons into going with
me to visit Hamilton, MO, where, since its opening
in 2008, Missouri Star Quilt Co. has brought an
incredible spark to this little mid-west town.  
If you are unfamiliar with it, have look around their web page; 
you'll see why I was able to get the men in my family to go along!
(scroll to the very bottom and click on "visit us")

It's very worth a stop if you're in the area
but set aside plenty of time, especially if you're 
shopping for multiple projects as I was.
We recommend J's Burger Dive for lunch and
the little brewery just off of main street for a
shopping break (try the locally made cider!).

I only allowed myself shopping for what I've been
needing to complete projects.
But I found everything on my list--and that's big.
I'm excited for those finishes to start rolling out!

First I had to finally replace the cover on my
table-top iron board.  I've been watching for that
perfect fabric to jump out at me...

Retro and chickens?
We have a winner!

And my new small one that I
just made days ago?

Well, I had just enough fabric...

The other fabric just went back in the stash.
And now everything matches.
All set to get to work!


Debbie said...

How cute...sounds like a great shopping day :0

annemarie said...

Love the fabric. How exciting to actually visit Missouri Star - I am envious!

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