31 August 2016

The Geese Are Flying

Doing a quick check-in this evening
after another day of sewing.

It's been a wonderful week for quilting so far.

I got all of my geese cut out

and immediately went to work sewing them together.

The method for flying geese used in the book I'm referring to
(Thimbleberries Quilting for Harvest)
does waste a little fabric but we're scrap busting
here so that's...er...immaterial, if you'll pardon the pun,
but there is another method * out there with no waste
if you're needing to be conservative.

(*Note:  The link to the page is showing a 404 error; however, this page WILL
come up when going to her blog "home" so I'm putting it on here for now.
I'm sure that won't be the issue after a few days but perhaps just looking for her 
August 31 post "Fast Flying Geese + Sawtooth Star Tutorial" will get you there?)

Soon I had all 160 geese turned into 80 sets of two.

Tomorrow's goal is to turn them into blocks...and
maybe even start on the sashing?
Flying right along, aren't I?

Originally, these didn't really appeal to me but I needed to use up
scraps and I wanted to surprise my husband with a quilt for his birthday.
It seemed like a manly enough pattern and besides, I kinda liked the name. 
Below is a from my quilt scrap book that I used to keep.
(Why I ever stopped doing that I don't know because looking back
through it is so fun!  Maybe some day I'll catch back up on it but
I don't know that I still have pictures of all of my quilts!)

I had laid it out on our bed only to take that picture but 
not long after, since we both loved that quilt so much,
I made a bigger one that did fit!
The geese were growing on me.

We kept this for a few years but I eventually passed it on
to my sister, who quilts also, and still has it today.
It was, and still is, the biggest quilt I've ever made.

Hearing Canadian geese flying over has always cheered and
comforted me; it's a sign that fall and cold weather is on it's way.
So I see it as only fitting that my first fall quilt be
made of "flying geese".

If I keep at this pace, I should easily have this done
before the first geese fly over.

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Debbie said...

you are just flying thru those pieces! Looking great. Funny how some patterns just call to us:)

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