06 August 2016

Finishing Up Gnome Stars Baby Quilt

I left off yesterday wondering about building
a stash of quilts on hand for gifts.
I guess that means I might finally be
to the point where almost everyone I have
ever wanted to gift one to now has one, or two.
That's kind of a nice place to be.
At least, I think it says I've made a lot of quilts. 
And that I'm getting all "caught up".

Here's a project I'm getting caught up on.
I've added the border and began the quilting.
It always amazes me how much easier it is
to quilt a crib-size quilt!  It was late in the day,
though, so I didn't finish...and didn't get to it
at all today.  
But someone else spent hours on it.

She's adorable there but honestly, I do my
absolute best to keep her off of any quilt that
is a gift, and especially a baby quilt that should
be spotless!  Ugh.

We're having dinner guests tomorrow but Monday
is pegged as my finish date for this one.

I think I've decided that having a couple quilts on
hand is a great idea.  It sure beats rushing through
one to meet a deadline.  But I also know that not
everyone in this world has a hand-made quilt so
maybe I just need to broaden my giving circle, too.
  They're not just for birthdays and Christmas,
weddings and new babies, but maybe just
to brighten someone's day--except that
quilts last so much longer than a day, of course.

Not long ago I wrote about not keeping
our "light" under a basket.  Well, I don't think I
should keep quilts under baskets either.
So, I guess it's just a couple IN the basket,
sending all others out to do what they're created
to do:  warm someone up.

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