05 August 2016

Summer/Fall Project Round-Up

I never quilt much during the summer, but having
to keep the garden very low-key this year has 
been pretty frustrating.  I miss cooking.
Let me rephrase that; I can always cook.
What I really miss is being inspired by all the
garden freshness to cook.  Lately, most of the time,
I'm just. not. feeling it.

Well, thank goodness for fabric!
I picked these up at Missouri Star Quilt Co. this
past weekend.  I already have the white that will go
between each color so it's everything I need for a
chevron quilt I'm making for a teen girl who has
loved orange since she has known it to be a color.

Her birthday is in October.
It's only August and it's next up on my list.
Even with football season starting in another
week (practices, etc), I will be able to roll this one
out completely at my leisure.  
That top gray fabric?  The backing!  
On clearance, of course.  So you see, I'm set.

Know what else is around the corner?
Fall.  And I can't wait to get started on this
scrap buster.

With all of this planning, a new page was in order.
Notice the new Summer-Fall '16 tab above.
Not sure what happened to last year?
Was I in that much pain?

I have a lot of projects to finish so I dare not
pick out too many ahead.  But I'm in that mode.
The one where you don't just love quilting;
you live and breathe it.  
You want to make every quilt you see on pinterest!
Your menu is nothing but skillet and crock pot meals!
Oh, it's going to be a great fall!

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