30 August 2016

Enough Zigging & Zagging, It's Scrappy Fall Time!

I zigged and I zagged for hours and I have
the knots in my shoulders to prove it!
Above is an unofficial finish picture as its joining the ranks
of the "still needs binding hand-sewn on the back,"
now with three members!

So many stops and pivots!

I thought this looked so neat I'm currently
using it as wallpaper on my phone.

Alright, one last step back to admire the work...

and now it's time to get started on my next project!

Even though a few normally hot days have still sneaked in,
it's mostly been lots of rain and even cool evenings here.
For me, that's enough to let my fall fever to set in.

I already have most of my fall decor out
and I am not ashamed to admit it! 

Excuse the cat tail to the left there.

I also couldn't wait to work with those warm fall
colors in the sewing room. 
It's been great, you fun and cheery fabrics,

working together all spring and summer but, let's face it.
You'll always be second.

Bring on those beautiful colors of autumn!
Though my stash completely runneth over with fall fabrics,
I thought it best to hit the scrap bin where I was able to
find more than half of what I needed.
Feeling pretty good about that.

I was also very happy to find I had a workable off-white
fabric I needed on hand.  That's rare for me.

If I can give one word of advice to new but very avid quilters
out there, it is to stock up on white and off-white fabrics for
backgrounds!  I mean by the bolt!  This past spring I was so
fortunate to get a couple bolts of white on whites very cheaply
and I've already gone through well over half of it; I'm kicking myself
for not buying more.  And I'm kicking myself for not getting any
off-whites then or at the recent closing of my favorite quilt shop.
It's extremely rare (like never!) to find them on the clearance rack
because everyone needs them.  I'm not sure about other
quilters but, for me, having a stash of them is...well...
it's kinda like having a chest of gold!
No worrying about that retirement fund!

Ok, enough advice.  Here's my view.
Who doesn't love to be sitting here???
Take a look at that pile of 320 squares back there
and the closer pile of 160 soon-to-be geese.
So you can see, I'm going to be sitting here for some time!

After enjoying some music, a cooking show and some
educational talks on cd...

I'm already around half-way there, maybe more,
so I've decided stop for the day.
Once these are pieced, I think it should go pretty quickly
but I have some appointments coming up and
our first football game but there's no hurry.

Fall lasts three glorious months and it's not even here yet!


Debbie said...

This is going to be great...love the scraps you pulled to use.
I tend to stock up on ivory and creams rather than pure whites. I love subtle tonal prints for my background fabrics. Just personal choice and I usually buy at least 5 yards at a time!

annemarie said...

I am really loving your zig zag quilts - you do such nice work!

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