05 August 2016

Charm Pack Quilt Top Finish

I made this quilt top in a week.
Easy stuff.

I'm hopeful that I will have enough backing after my
next project--zig zag quilt (see projects tab)--for
the back of this.  Turns out it would work well on
both of these quilts so I'm patting myself on the
back for buying all that was left on the bolt.
Has any quilter ever said, "Oh darn!  I bought too much fabric!"?

I don't even know what I'm doing with this one
yet...which raises a question:
Do you keep quilts on hand to gift to others
as the occasions come up?  I can't think of anyone
to gift this one to so I'm afraid it'll be stored away
for so long it might lose it's newness and
eventually even go out of style?


Debbie said...

quilts never go out of style......they grow with love when given away. Always have a couple on hand to share with those who cross my path. Love the fresh crisp look of this one.

annemarie said...

Lovely quilt - love the colors!

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