Machine Quilting Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh Baby Quilt

A Pinterest search gave me this quilting idea.
Now this is my practice/warm-up so no judging
but I very quickly, and happily, learned that the best
results came from just free-handing it with
the walking foot.  I didn't even need to mark.
This was all the practice I needed before I set to
work on the real deal.

I really recommend this quilting for pinwheels.
I picked it up so quickly, and I couldn't be happier
with how it turned out.
It does require a lot of rotating but, 
with a baby quilt, this is easily handled.
And, I get to add in another quilting
pattern to my list of 
"Quilting I Can Do Easily and Quickly".
I think we all need a list of those!

I'm now left with "what to do?" for my sashing and
borders.  The sashing is only 1 1/4" and the inner 
border is a tiny 3/4".  I decided to sleep on it but I
should have a finished quilt to post tomorrow.
And I work on some better, closer-up pics!