28 July 2016

Gnome Baby Quilt

I've completed the gnome baby quilt top.
That is, minus a border.  Need fabric.  Sigh.

Normally, I don't want to be sedentary while sewing
but all of the standing for cutting & ironing was
beginning to have some negative effects.
So I whipped up a new, smaller ironing board with
the scrap piece from my bigger one.

I kept it in my
closet this whole time--and would you believe,
it fits almost perfectly on my yarn storage cabinet.
Because it has wheels, I can roll it right up
beside my sewing machine.  And it's been helpful
with some of the pain and nerve issues.

I moved on to another quilt featuring the gnome
fabric but for this one, I made Ohio stars.
The blocks are much bigger so this will be
a lap quilt for...well, that will work itself out!

And I'm at a fabric standstill here as well.
The good news is, I'm planning on visiting
Missouri Star Quilt Co this weekend and I'm
praying I can find what I need to finish at least one
of these three...
Yep.  Three.  I've started another.
Stay tuned.

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