Farm Fresh Baby Quilt Top Complete

One baby quilt top complete!
(Pardon the cell phone pics/poor lighting but
I'd rather sew than mess with photos any day!)

A couple notes:
I somehow mixed up my layout a little bit.
(you know, that layout that you spend way too much
time on what it supposed to be completely random) 
Yes, the layout should've been better,  but it's not
too bad.  Random enough.  The show must go on.
(It really does look better with good lighting!)

Also, my planned border just didn't quite do it
for me so I was left scrambling a bit.
I would have preferred a less-patterned green
for the thin border but I refused to make another
quilt shop run for this.
And besides, I'd just gone the day before to my
favorite one that is, sadly, going out of business!
What?  Who told them they could close?!?
Everyone loves it there!

I love this one that was on display.
The machine quilting is great.

The discount was only 30% and my self-imposed
rule of only shopping my own stash is still on
(sort of!)
but some of these, the Bonnie and Camille line
especially, are so pretty that I don't think they'll ever
see the clearance rack--which is the only place I
allow myself to buy "fabric with no specific purpose
in mind".  Well, that's my excuse and I'm
sticking to it.

It sounds ridiculous to have to force oneself to
get in the quilting room but I did.
A little accomplishment provides a great boost,
however, so hopefully I'll be good to go, sewing away
till fall, when no encouragement is ever necessary.


One of my favorite LQS' closed in January. There have been several times that only they would have carried, or ordered something I needed. I did try several other local stores, but, had to order online, since the other stores didn't have it, or, wouldn't order it. I REALLY miss that store.