A Little Sewing Room Love: Hitting Up IKEA

I have always wanted just a simple desk to sew on.
Something open with maybe one or two drawers.
My old cabinet was very confining, not to mention 
out of style so during my recent clean-up and
re-organization, I finally just moved it out
completely, thinking this should force the issue.
My ironing table has been the temporary sub.

Because it's just for my sewing room, I didn't
want to spend much so I decided this
might be a good time to finally visit IKEA
Um, good call!
I came away with exactly what I was looking for--
that just doesn't happen very often!
And now that I know what all the IKEA hype is about,
the organizer in me can't wait to go back.

They pack everything amazingly well so I was
even able fit it all in my car (even if it was
a little snug for my daughter back there).
This meant I didn't have to drive my husband's truck--
it's new and very nice but just. too. big!

Back home in the sewing room...

This just looks like too fun to fill up. 
Where's my fabric?!?

Yep, I fit it all in there.
The stash has definitely been getting smaller.
As always, the more I can move out, the more
I will allow myself to buy in Oct on the shop hop.

Note the wonderful dust-blocking doors!

And my desk?
 Exactly what I wanted and more.
Plenty of room for my machine and computer,
which I wasn't expecting.  Plus this great bonus:

A separate compartment in back to keep a power
strip--and all of my cords are nicely hidden away!

I don't like giving up space on my cutting table
for my ironing board but so far it's
been more functional than in the way.  

I do think I'll re-arrange it all eventually but with so
many things attached to the wall, this will be an
all-day chore that will include some patching and
painting.  That with a couple more minor fix-ups
to go (new window treatment and ironing board cover)
and my room will be all set for my favorite
sewing season--fall!


IKEA is a blast to shop at. I have a collection of their Jansko lamps for my vintage machines (no electric motor means no lights either).
annemarie said…
Would you mind sharing the name of the hutch and desk. I have never been to Ikea but I sure want to go now. The hutch is so perfect as is the desk. Thanks!