05 June 2016

Star Quilt Mostly Done

Busy week around here, which is how I like it.

My husband has been building a pergola and a fire pit
in our back yard while also tackling some of my
lawn and garden work that I'm unable to do right now. 

And then there were the house honey-do's
which included a new ceiling fan in my sewing room.
Let's hear it for better lighting!
So I decided I needed to clean up my space.
(and I mean thoroughly clean!)
I'm still healing so this was a 2-day process.
Old things moved out to be donated; my sewing
cabinet only works with my old Bernina so away
it went, too, till maybe some day one of my girls
will put it to a third-generation use.
Temporarily, my machine is on my ironing table
which is higher and actually quite nice to work on.

With my chair on it's highest setting, this actually makes it easier for my healing--
which is going well by the way.  Just slower than normal but I'm healing
and that's what matters right now!

My room is as spacious as it has ever been--and ever
will be.  I already have my eyes on a desk and cabinet
at IKEA so I'm planning on a trip up to KC with
my girls in a few weeks, or whenever I am up to it.

With everything now clean and tidy, I set back to work on
my star quilt and completed the top in no time.

Well, I'm minus a good border fabric yet so, for now,
it's time to start quilt top #2 of the summer.
Below is a sneak peak at the gnomes I've been wanting
to work with for a couple years now; a timely sale
allowed me to fill in the coordinating fabrics but...  

I did just realize yesterday that a friend is due soon
so perhaps the baby quilt first.
And even before that, I've been working on a little
charity sewing for some Veterans.
More on that next time.

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