24 May 2016

What Do Stars and Mango Key Lime Pies Have In Common?

They come in pieces, of course!

Our wonderfully rainy weather here has been
perfect for sewing and, though my progress is
kind of slow, the star quilt is coming along nicely.

A side-note/update:
Somehow my incision got infected (extremely painful!) so I'm trying to step
back to limiting my movement more, which means the sewing is slow-going.
 I think I am finally responding to the antibiotics now, though.  
Set-backs are frustrating, but I'll get there.  

Piecing takes some concentration; I've made ten
blocks and I'm still checking the directions!  
This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that I'm still on pain meds!

I finally have a design wall--just a curtain rod with clips, mounted over
the closet doors.  I love that I can keep it put away till actually needed.

Yesterday's sewing break resulted in a
Mango-Key Lime Tart.

I avoid recipes with sweetened condensed milk
in the ingredients but I really wanted to try this one
 from the latest Southern Living magazine.  
And my new tart/quiche pan.

Of course, it was almost sickening-sweet, 
but the family loved it.

Maybe I'll figure out how to make it another way
but for now, back to the sewing room.

Blocks in random order; sashing to come.
I'll get a better pic for the next update!

There is more rain in the forecast and I've made
arrangements in my room to keep from having to 
get up and down quite so much (to iron and cut).
I prefer that movement because sewing is such a
sedentary hobby but, for just these few weeks,
I'll "cheat".

Maybe I'll call this the Lazy Star Quilt.  ;o)

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annemarie said...

Please take care - you deserve to pamper yourself - do so!

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