21 May 2016

Kicking Off Spring-Summer '16 Projects

This just might be the Summer of Quilting.

I miss working in my garden but let's face it--
the quilting room is not a bad alternative.

I have this UFO that needs binding but I'm not
allowed to bend, lift or twist, so maneuvering
a quilt on a machine is probably not a good idea.

Ugh!  This one just needs binding!

Maybe I could, maybe I couldn't. 
Who knows, but after what I've been through,
I'm not taking any chances.  Ever again.
Those that know me well see a completely different person here, post-op!
  So, yes.  I set an "unfinished" aside.

You can see Chloe was about as bothered by this
poor quilting etiquette as I was...

On to choosing that first
(and second, if we're being honest!)
project of the summer. 

Keeping my fabric "fresh" and to a minimum is a
priority so I quickly zero'd in on an aging layer cake...

...and a pattern that has yet to be tried.

Pay no attention to the name atop the pattern!  
Cinch is apparently a relative term.

I haven't felt up to par for many months, 
and I sure haven't been interested in quilting 
during that time.  Sad, I know.
But now, it was good to be able to at least do
something useful and creative so I set to work,
albeit rather half-heartedly.

Seeing a lap-quilt left too much of my layer cake
untouched, I moved on to the twin size.
Lap quilts are my preference for enjoyable machine-quilting; 
bigger ones get more difficult.  Let's hope this was the right decision!

I can't say these are my favorite colors but at this
at this point, my interest was getting piqued.

And here we'll stop to ponder something:
exactly how does this whole stash-busting thing
really work, anyway?  You see, I'm realizing that
I'm going to need an ivory background, 
some sashing, some borders...  

Nothing will get you into the
quilting mood like a trip to the quilt shop.

I'll catch back up in a day or so after I have
a little more progress to report.

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