20 May 2016

Courthouse Stars Follow-Up

Well, hello.  Have a seat?
It's a little awkward beginning a post after 
such an absence; I'll just keep it simple.

A painful major surgery has kept me
in bed for well over a month but now 
slowly, over the last two weeks,
I've been getting out and about. 
Sadly, gardening is still completely off my list,
and cooking must be just very minimal.
I have found that I'm at least able to do
a little each day in the sewing room.

New project sneak-peak!

But first let me back up to where I left off.
I did complete two quilts last fall.
First, this one:

I gave this to a college graduate as a gift.
Sadly, I didn't get a "completed" pic.

And my big project, courthouse stars,
was completed some time in November.
This house really wasn't in need of another quilt
but I was really becoming attached to this one. 
I happily found it matched the set of reading chairs 
we had recently purchased for our sunroom and
there it has stayed ever since.

It measures about 50 X 60 so it's perfect
for curling up with a book or a cat or both.
Quilts always have a way of finding a home.

My only regret is that some of the "lights"
should have been a little lighter but I
feel it all still works well enough.
And, I used up a fairly big set of fat quarters I've
had sitting around for some time along with a
few other fabrics here and there so,
aside from having to buy the border,
this was another great stash-buster.

Stay tuned for my new project!

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