The Time-Saving Lake Vacation Menu

I thought I'd share the menu
with a couple recipe links
for our short little "Rare Family Vacation."  

Making/freezing the meals in foil pans avoids any
dishes; it also means you need very little ice
in the cooler while transporting it.
(if any, depending on time of year)

The kids mostly just caught bass, and all were about this small.
At least they had fun catching them.
Above is my fearless cliff-jumping kid.  He's always been a climber!

I know it's not a new concept--it's just a
freezer meal session--but it's just so perfect for family
vacation, and it saves so much time and money.
Spend those on your vacation, not your meals.

The whole crew cooling off.

If I can free up some freezer space, I want to
do a little more of this for some quilting days
this fall.  I really like to take advantage of the
garden goods while they're fresh, too.

The other deck--covered/shaded--where I spent some time on day 3
with a book as it was a rainy morning.  See?  No worries about the meals!

I did get two extra meals in the freezer while
I was making these so that felt good.  It's a start!

Enjoying margaritas on the deck!
Daughter and dh

We don't typically eat this "heavy" but it was vacation,
and one of my daughters did bring a bunch of fruit
for snacking so that makes it ok...I think...

Look closely:  I'm not sure this is what the engineer had in mind
when designing how this lure was to best catch a fish.  LOL
This is my "stronger than an ox" offensive lineman son.  

Again, these aren't gourmet or anything.
I just thought I'd share the ideas.

Seriously, where are all the big fish??
This is my oldest daughter; her dh was in yesterday's tubing picture.

3 Breakfasts
Breakfast burritos
These are great for using up things in the garden anyway:
potatoes, peppers, green onions, eggs, choice of sausage, bacon or ham, cheese
I actually made about 60 of these.  Great for school mornings, too.
Muffin melts
This is an awesome recipe from Pioneer Woman!
They're also perfect for school mornings--only a few minutes under the broiler!
Breakfast burritos
repeating on the third day; these are just too easy to take

2 Lunches
Deli Sandwiches
I really wanted to make the bread, too, but my husband put his foot down!
Yes, these are my easier meals but I still think ahead to do things like
slice the onions; I want all sides prepped and ready.
The idea is to do no kitchen work, and, btw, to not waste time running to a store.

3 Dinners
Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole
I don't know where I got this recipe but I looked around and linked up a
similar one.  Mine is in a casserole dish and I use a quality Swiss cheese
instead of Mozzarella.  I also like to use part brown and part white rices.
As an added bonus to myself, I doubled this and now have a back-up
meal in the freezer for some busy sewing day this fall!
Chicken Enchiladas
I kind of combined a bunch of ideas here and what I could pull from the garden.
I started with cooking a whole chicken in the crockpot with seasonings and
ended by topping it all with a white sauce (with chicken broth) and added in
some fontina cheese, green chilis, and tomatillos from the garden...
and there may have been some stuff in between?
It was very similar to how I play "use it up" the sewing room!
I wish I'd written it down because it was really yummy!
Million Dollar Casserole
I'm not sure what I was thinking here.
It looks a little like a lasagna-heart-attack-casserole
but I wanted to try something new.  I made 1.5 batches, adding 1/2 lb
Italian sausage to up the Italian flavor.
Because I left early, I haven't tried this but those that did said it
was amazing.  I suppose with all those calories, it ought to be.

Guacamole & chips
I cut up some fresh tomatoes and red onions for this but
my daughter brought the rest of the ingredients.
Btw, she recently discovered putting a little feta cheese in it--
totally my favorite way now, too!
Home made salsa and chips
Yay!  Let's hear it for using more things from the garden:
Roma tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, red pepper, salsa peppers!
 Also added a little fresh lime juice and some cumin.  This
was a pretty big batch as I was trying to get through those tomatoes!
I put my other daughter on this one.
I put her on this as well.

So now I'm home,
things are back to normal.
and I got to hit my favorite coffee shop.

A little coffee humor.  Found this sign in a coffee shop.
Sorry it's a little hard to read with that glare.


Debbie said…
No fish Thanks for the recipe links. I might need a couple of these later. Great family times!