Taking the Front Porch Into Late-Summer/Fall

Our summers typically get pretty hot.
Flower baskets that look great all spring
never seem to make it all summer.
I hit Lowes and found a few beautiful clearance plants
to tide the porch over till I can bring out the fall stuff.
 Mums, pumpkins and straw bales!

Maybe the orange in these will carry over to fall?
I have a few volunteer pumpkins and gourds already!
Just watered--the concrete isn't normally spotted!

We finally painted the door this spring.
I love the color; will have to get a better pic later.

Hoping this purple will blend into fall as well.

I know I get into fall early but it's because I love it
and I can never get enough.
I'll be bringing some of my decor over the next
week or so.  How, and when,
do you "bring in" the cooler months?

A couple random projects on the list:

Found this on vacation.
I think it would be the perfect welcome at our winter wine party!

A friend sent me this idea she found.
The only issue I would have with it is that
the eggs are sometimes dirty and I'd be
washing that apron a LOT.

It's still a pretty cute idea and should probably be made!