Project Update & A "Farmer's Wife" Quilt?

I have gotten a good start on my next
"quick and easy" project--this wintry quilt:

"Wintry quilt?"
Goodness, it needs a name.
Anyway, I'm actually just a little farther along
but I'll post that when I have the pic.
I just wanted you all to know I've actually
been working in my sewing room.
As a reminder, it's from this pattern:

As any good quilter, I'm also thinking ahead
to the next 5 projects or so.
Did I say 5?  I really meant 55.
I was so happy to receive a copy of 
The Farmer's Wife last year for Christmas.

I've been planning on starting one this fall so I
was pretty excited when I came across this!

...Until I learned it's actually for a different book.
Apparently they've released another?  For the 1930's?

I'm so behind.
(sad face)

I suppose it's pointless to try to get the first one made
by late September and then hop onto this quilt-along??
Yeah, I thought so.
Well, I thought I'd share the link as it looks like fun.

Have you made a Farmer's Wife quilt?
If so, did you use scraps or actually start out with
a huge collection of coordinating fabrics?

I know this will be a big undertaking but I've been
ready for some major projects this year.

 I don't know if I'm crazy but I've also been planning on
this Courthouse Stars quilt from Fons & Porter.

I'm pretty sure I have at least one of those
"tear through all of my fabric" sessions
in my future.


Debbie said…
Love your blue quilt top! It has that frosty morning look to it. I can tell you are ready for the change in seasons. No farmer's wife quilt for me....I am keeping it small for now. But digging thru the fabric is always fun....cutting it up is better.