Thirty-Four Down...

I was hoping to finish more than 34 blocks
but the last few days hardly left time to breathe
let alone sew.  I did take the time to get
a small peice of batting up on the wall so
I can get a better look at things.

Friday found this football mom not only
baking cookies for, but also helping make
and serve a meal to about 175 football players.  
Team and individual pictures were taken,
followed by the freshman and varsity scrimmages...
and a back-to-school dance for the kids.   

Saturday I canned 2 batches of peach habenero sauce
& roasted a batch of Hatch chilies to make
Chili Rellanos for Sunday's breakfast.
VERY yummy!
 My changes:
1)  I added more eggs, milk & flour; used a 9X13 pan
2)  I avoid canned food if I can so used whipping
cream/milk combo instead of evap milk.
3)  Plain tomato paste bland--used taco sauce.
4)  Had sausage links to use up so cooked those,
sliced lengthwise, layed them on the second layer.
5)  Topped with green onions after cooking.

Sunday my husband and I made a great meal
featuring a whopping 25 lbs of chicken fingers.
(It took about 4 hours to make these!)
My son held a fantasy football draft party with
7 of his football-playing friends.
We estimated they put away about 14 lbs of the
chicken, along with plenty of deviled eggs and
calico beans.  The rest of the chicken is added
to the for-lunches stash. 
 (4 gallon-sized bags in the freezer!)
This makes for a happy mom...and happy teens.

And, I also had my second theology class
which is a huge challenge to my mind but
causing me to love my Faith even more.

I know I'm unusual but I very often find myself
saying, "Thank goodness for Monday!"
It's definitely one of those days.
Back to sewing finally!


Debbie said…
No wonder you need a break....that's a very full weekend. But they are the best memories with lots of kids around. I forgot how much those teens can eat!
Oh, yes....the blocks look wonderful together.