Dreaming of Cooler Days and Attacking Scraps in Spare Time

A cheery welcome to all.
Especially to my favorite season coming up!
My porch is just begging for the next season's colors...

However, I'm controlling myself.  
Just the wreath and this flag for now.

Ok, I brought out this, too.
It's starting to show some age but I love it

So, about that scrap busting.
I'm doing a pretty good job of using up stash
fabrics these days so I decided to turn to the rest
of the room.  First up, the scrap bin.
No, I don't bother to keep them orderly!

As I thought about my quilting, I realized that I rarely,
if ever, go to the scrap bin, unless it's a full-out
scrappy quilt...which is only to use up scraps. 

I finally decided to just start cutting my scraps 
like I'd always meant to do! 
into various squares whenever I have a little time.
(While watching a movie or keeping an eye on something cooking in the kitchen;
If these things don't get it done, I'm thinking of football here in a month...)

It's a start!

It will certainly be nice to avoid that pile if I can
keep this up.

Two quilt tops finished.
(well, the blue one still needs some borders--need to buy blue fabric)
Scraps getting busted and organized.
And it's still well over a month till fall and
almost two till the shop-hop.

I've gotta update my stitching lists!