14 August 2015

Cutting, cutting, cutting, and more cutting...

I can't decide if I need more coffee...
or a nap.

I just spent two entire afternoons and one evening
cutting out my next project.  I happily chewed through
about 20 fat quarters along with another 10 or so scraps
to come up with something resembling this collection:

But as I was cutting, I realized that perhaps using
packages of fat quarters is not the ideal way to go
because there are, too often, just the same prints in
different colors; I also noticed that some of my "lights"
were questionable at actually being "light".

I stopped, switched a few out...and then decided
to not over-think the whole thing and went on.
(Welcome to quilting in my world!)

Now, as I was saying before I interrupted myself,
I got all 1,350 pieces cut out.  I thought long and hard
about the best way to organize these, knowing I would
need them to be accessable in random-icity.
(it's now a word)
Truly, the only things with which I could come up were
these old, ugly plastic storage containers.
Btw, I now mostly just use glass storage in the kitchen.
(I know you were worried about that so I thought I'd clarify.)

My clothespin "markers" come in handy ALL THE TIME, people!

I have to say, these kind of rain on my little quilt-parade.
In my little happy quilt world, things are displayed in beatiful
little tins or baskets or...anything besides these.
But whatever.  If I must, I must.

Speaking of cute tins, here is my growing scrap collection.
They won't fit in these much longer but, before you say it,
I only have three so, nope.  They wouldn't work.
I interrupted myself again.
These squares are also some of why it took
so long to cut everything out.
To put all of that long story in shorter form,
and to stop interrupting myself:  
I made a big dent in my fat quarter stash. 
This is notable because I've been worried about
those faded "fold lines" showing up on some of them.
I can tell their time in my stash is limited.

Now this guy.  His time is limited, too.

That square has been around for about 20 years.
Waiting on an Amazon package to arrive any minute.

This one is floating around.  Too funny.

Oh, another "by the way":
I should probably have pointed out earlier that it's the
courthouse stars that I've chosen to work on first.

Anyhoo, after all the cutting and scrapping
and thinking and interrupting,
I finally settled in for the fun part.
But, minutes into a "trial" block, I was already wondering
just how much fun was really in store with this quilt.
Little 5" blocks.  A lot of prep and work on each.

I think "perfect points" just can't be a rule on this one.  
"Close" is going to have to be "enough".

I'll be making 72 of them.
And 71 of the other blocks.
This is fun, right?  Isn't it?  Right?

Well, of course it is, and it will be,
but I'm already starting to re-think doing
The Farmer's Wife Quilt next because...
isn't that a little like hopping
out of the frying pan and into the fire?  

We'll just be taking this one day,
one block, at a time.
Add in a little more coffee,
and maybe a nap
here and there,
and, before you know it...

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