Courthouse Stars Update

I'm trying to be content with the slow pace of this quilt.

I'm kind of just shooting for completing a minimum
of two blocks every day but that's a pace that is just
not going work for me.  I really want this top done
before September.

Of course that's not rational but a girl can dream.
Well, it's really more than "not rational."  It's flat
out impossible, especially with everything else
that's been going on around here.  
I'm nowhere near even half-way!

Yay!  New square rulers that aren't all deformed from years of cutting!

I received my new squares in the mail...
and quickly discovered this little 4" one was no help.
Because of the "seam bump" down the middle of these
hourglass pieces, the ruler kind of "rocked" on top,
causing an uneven cut.  The 6" sits flatter on it, though
it does require some muscle to really push down to
hold it in place while trimming these to an exact 2".

Soon I had 8, then 12, and then 

my pile began to grow at a pretty decent pace.
I'm not sure how I feel about my more-subtle colors,
and I'm already thinking ahead to what border
would pull all of this together and still make it pop.

I'll check back in soon with my latest count,
and to catch up on some other things...


Debbie said…
You are going to appreciate those subtle stars when you begin adding the courthouse step blocks! That is where the zing comes in I think. As for the squaring up....very common problem on small units. Were you able to "spin" the center seams to flatten them? That helps some. Otherwise, it take muscle :)