12 August 2015

Basil Harvest

I think I grew enough basil this year.
In gardening, you just never know!
This sink is really jammed full--something 
hard to grasp from just this picture.

Maybe this next picture gives a little better idea?

I brought my boys in on this to help out.
(I'm taking advantage of that help before school starts next week!)
They spent almost 2 hours pulling off every leaf.
Quality time spent talking...instead of on technology.
Learning to work together, and learning that
everyone helps out in a family, are huge life-lessons
that I'm very grateful to be able to give them.

Sadly, it seems to be a rare lesson these days.
Kids are always in a better mood after helping out.
They feel good about what they've accomplished
and therefore, good about themselves--
because there is dignity in working, 
in taking part in God's creation.

This huge picking will dry down to a much smaller
amount, yet it should still be enough to last many
months.  I'm not sure if I'll can anymore Italian tomatoes
but even if I do, I'm still counting on at least one more
batch of basil this size--
maybe two with all of the rain
we've been getting--before the cold months hit.

Do you have any favorite basil recipes?

1 comment:

Debbie said...

I made pesto and froze it in small baggies last year. Just enough for adding to pizza or soup or pasta. Perfect for just the two of us.

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