14 July 2015

Looking Back...and Forward.

Today I found myself referring to my
blog to find a recipe...
and then I started seeing my old posts.

For months now
I've told myself over and over 
that it takes too much of my time.

But I just disovered that it can be so fun to look back!

So much can occur over just a few years that
it often goes by like a blur.
And we can so easily forget.
I've never minded forgetting because I am
not one to dwell on the past...
But, sometimes, it really does help
to see where you've been.
(Shouldn't I be driving around in a Lincoln when I say that??)

I'm always told I need to slow down to enjoy life.  
But why do we need to slow down at all to enjoy it?
I've always loved what I do, 
and I want to keep on doing it.
But I do know that I need to
switch gears every now and then.

I've been so busy in the garden, in my new kitchen
and in the sewing room!  
I can't wait catch back up, to share it all and,
just maybe, I'll hear from some old friends out there?

I've dropped the mermaid, btw.
There's a new coffee shop in town that I visit
every. single. day.
It's local.  The owners are the greatest.
And the coffee is such a cut above! 
Check 'em out:


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Long time no see. Welcome back to the world of blogging.

Debbie said...

Well, well....good to see you again! I actually had a passing thought about you a few days ago....so I am glad you are well. lol....your new coffee place looks so much better than that other one, and the cost is better too! I refuse to feed the seamaid's pocket just on principles!

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Welcome back. I've always thought the whole point of blogging is to create a virtual diary. It is great to look back.

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