29 July 2015

On the Garden Scene

While I've been enjoying a little sewing,
I've had to spend most of my time with these.
Not that I don't enjoy canning, too;
it's just...more difficult, I guess.

Pick a bushel of tomatoes.
Roast a bunch of garlic.

Add in some fresh basil
(which needs picked, cleaned and chopped)

and a few other ingredients from the garden
(like peppers and onions, which also need picked, cleaned and diced)

There are a couple quarts in there.  I'm out of pint jars so I guess 
it's quarts from here on out.

and voila, 30 pints of Italian-style tomatoes.
And it takes all day.  
Especially prepping all those tomatoes.
I may only do one more batch...and then
I'm not real sure what to do with all the tomatoes,
other than to cook with them fresh as much
as I can work them into the menu.

My goal is always to can certain things every other
year--it lessens the yearly load a little. 
Pretty sure I'll have enough Italian tomatoes 
to cover the next two years.
Maybe next year I'll try tomato paste,
though it's always seemed like a whole lot of work
(not to mention heating up the kitchen on hot summer days!)
for such a little output!

1 comment:

Robyn said...

Yum! If you have freezer space you can always freeze whole tomatoes to make sauce later in the year. I miss having a garden so much!

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