17 July 2015

Enjoying the New Kitchen and Some Moelleux au Chocolat

Our new kitchen has been the most wonderful
blessing...and perhaps a bit of a curse.
If I loved cooking before, I now often hit
levels of obsession.

And this, right here, is absolute proof.

Molten lava cake with a salted caramel center.
This might be the greatest dessert I've ever made.
And it wasn't sickeningly rich--more like
decadently rich.  
There's a difference.
One bite and I laughed hysterically.  Not kidding.

I have this beautiful little French cookbook
by Rachel Khoo that I love to flip through.

Tuesday was Bastille Day so I felt the need to
whip up some French food.
Croque madames with pomme frites...

Garden-fresh Yukon golds make great French fries!

and then we ended with the moelleux au chocolat,
though no one could put away even half of one.
It's not humanly possible.
It was not exactly a low-calorie meal to begin with.
I got caught up in the recipes and forgot to round
out the menu.  I do that sometimes.
And then we spend our evening in a food coma...

Anyway, I used Rachel's recipe  
but after a couple burnt failed attempts at her
method of making the salted caramel,
I just gave up and made my own--
which I pulled off without a hitch, I might add.
I also found it needed another 5 or 10 minutes
in the oven--not the first time for additional
baking time needed for a recipe out of this book.
I wonder if it hasn't been converted to American
very well?  Just a heads-up. 

I do love to look through this book.  
So much so that I went back
(Back?  Ok, I went back to the computer and bought it off of Amazon.)
and bought My Little French Kitchen which has 
recipes sorted by the various regions of France,
and is also filled with more beautiful pictures and bits
of knowledge for amateur chefs like me to soak up.

Anyway, truly, it was the most amazing dessert ever.
And I love my own beautiful little American kitchen!
Curses and all.

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Debbie said...

chocolate looks good! Probably would only get thru a quarter of its richness. Glad you are enjoying that new kitchen, too.

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