30 July 2015

Enjoying the Back and Forth

Yay!  I was able to carve out a little
more time to head back to the sewing room!
At least there is no monotony around here.

Oh, wait.  
There's never a dull moment
with two furry disasters running amuck.

Aside from their antics, I do enjoy the company.
Chloe loves a warm chair so the very second 
I would hop up to iron, she was right there
to take over my spot.

Smug little kitty; so very full of herself!

I really don't want to be one of those people who 
talks about her cats all the time so on to
yesterday's sewing room adventures.
And a sideways picture that I'm too lazy unmotivated to correct.

Ok, so...
not exactly adventurous.
But, hey, things got sewed up!

The rest is even pretty darned close.
It's all pieced and into strips.

What I forgot, however, was to set aside four
little squares for the border as in its predecessor:

9X11 rows/columns

I'll just figure something else out for the border.
My current quilt is actually a little smaller so I can
(8X10 rows/columns)
just use this as the chance to make up for lost size.
Actually, yeah.  I'm pretty sure that I really meant
 to forget about those squares.  Truly!
(wink, wink)
Or I could leave it smaller, making it 
a nice, big crib quilt?
I'll figure that out tomorrow.

Oh wait--
What's that in the kitchen?

As I said, it's just real back and forth around here.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Very cute quilt. Try something else for the border.....plain with a bit of fused applique even. This is a good time to experiment. Holy cow....that's a huge batch of tomatoes! you got work to do.

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