31 July 2015

A Top Finished

Personally, I think a wonderful 2 inches of rain storming
down makes for some great quilting weather.
So I finished the top!
For those following along,
I ended up using a simple white on white border--
it's really all I had that worked, and it finished off
some fabric...which is always a good thing.
It now measures about 51 X 65".

(who always has good ideas!)
suggested some applique on the border.
I liked this idea, but, gosh, I just wanted to get it done...
(Warning lights going off here! "Just get it done" is NOT a healthy creative attitude!)
Well, I came to my senses.
I realize now that I really should wait till the 
shop hop to find backing/border fabrics.
(My stash has nothing workable.  And there it is: carte blanche shop hop shopping!)
Suddenly, I have plenty of time to finish it.
And that applique idea? Growing on me.
(I'm thinking in just two opposing corners)
I just know I'd be much happier putting a more
special touch on this simple quilt!
Thanks, Debbie!
(Another "border-enhancing" thought I had was to use varigated thread when
quilting the border but I'm not sure I trust my quilting to be so displayably-perfect.
My husband suggested just a light gray thread, especially since I'm thinking of
gray backing.  Not a bad idea, either.)
What I thought was just going to be a ho-hum
project might end up being...who knows?
A family heirloom or something!
(No pressure, kids!)

PS  Robyn, I'm unable to reply to your emails.
I would love to freeze tomatoes but I really need to save our freezer space for
so many other things!  Thanks for the idea, though, because I could sure
freeze them for just a few weeks till I had more time or something!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Lovely top.....light green vines in two corners with red buds or blooms. Just a thought :)
Thanks for the plug, even if you don't go with the ideas.
I would match the thread to fabric on top for quilting....or use a very pale/tint like the mint green in the top.
I often use different color thread for the bobbin.

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