20 July 2015

A Mini, In-Home Vacation?

My husband and I are sort of empty-nesters this week
as both boys will be off to Totus Tuus camp.
It is just. a little. disturbing. to see where I will be
in just a short 4 years but I'll just try to focus on
making some major use of the time.

Early (6:30!) daily Mass and trips to the coffee shop.

This was a day I took one of the boys with me--thus the cinnamon roll.
We perused cookbooks from the library and picked out summer recipes.
I like this picture; it says a lot--to me, at least.

Maybe some walks (weather permitting),
and lots of reading, sewing and cooking.
Maybe a little market/cultural food-shopping.
(Does anyone else do this!?! I could spend a good hour just walking up and
down the aisles of the Asian food market!  They have more than just Asian, btw,
and I like to try to use unusual foods from other cultures.)

Sounds like a vacation to me!

Ah, coffee art.  We taste with the eyes first.

I'm anxoius to see what all I can accomplish.

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