Happy 2015...And Yes, We Did Finish the Kitchen

Now that the busy time of Christmas is over
I've got some catching up to do around here.

Our new kitchen was completed!  Yay!
And just 3 hours before our big wine party!
(Not so "yay"!)

This cabinet was the last of the project.
We even had to put a sign on it to keep people
from setting wine glasses on it because it was 
still drying/curing.

Wine storage above.

Business below and out of sight.
No ugly printer and cords sitting out!
Both the printer and the file drawer
beneath it slide out for access.

And here are a few pics of the rest of the kitchen.
Pardon the darkness but these were taken at night.
This is actually way brighter than my previous kitchen!
I took the above one as I was setting up for the party.
Note 50+ wine glasses on my island!

The double-oven certainly proved its worth
over the holidays, as did the warming drawer.
Though we had the coffee bar before, we now have
a filtration system installed beneath the sink.  
(We previously just had an unsightly little Pur filter on the faucet.  
If you're serious about the flavor of your coffee, you must have a water filter!) 

I will never be without a farm sink again.
I love it.
Still looking for something to be displayed
in the tiled area above the sink.
I'm in no hurry--I'll know it when I see it.

I also love the granite countertops.
And kudos to my hubs on the tile job, btw.
There are now 2 barstools that sit under the
over-hang of the island.  This is a great hang-out
spot, especially when I'm searching recipes
or other cooking/gardening info.

I'm still working on this display cabinet:
it is for my olive oils and vinegars but
there is a top shelf, just under an accent light,
(that didn't make it in this picture)
that is perfect for displaying some special piece.
Again, I'll know it when I see it.

Some day we'll replace the flooring but,
for now, my kitchen is wonderful to work in!
And we're pretty burned out on home improvement!


Katy Cameron said…
Looking absolutely fabulous!

BTW, why have you got a Dutch cycle path sign on your background?
gilly said…
Ooh, I have kitchen-envy... It's gorgeous, well done to you & your tiling-extraordinaire hubby!
Happy new year - enjoy 😊 xx
Van Lucas said…
It looks like a mini-winery! And it really looks nice. The finish of the cabinets worked well with the entire kitchen. And the installed double-oven is just way too swanky! Anyway, I hope you had a great wine party. Cheers!

Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes