24 October 2014

Finish: Winter Whimsy...or Peppermint Ice Cream

Winter Whimsy is done.
Except...my brother suggested it looks like
peppermint icecream, and I reeeeally like that idea.
 Anyone else constantly change quilt names
while making them?

What do you think:
Winter Whimsy or Peppermint Ice Cream?

I have never quite had a finish streak
like the one I'm on now.  Whew!
I've also been cleaning windows
and doing some heavy fall yard clean-up.
Kinda wearing myself out but I'm sooo looking forward
to being all done for the winter, and that keeps me going.

I think this means it's about time to start sewing
some Christmas gifts.  I love fall more than any
season and always want it to last but I am starting 
to think ahead to the holidays just a little bit.  
Next week is looking pretty open for some of this
gift-sewing, but I do need to box up everything 
in my kitchen before we start tearing 
things out.

By the way, this Christmas-thinking is only 
allowed before Halloween if you are a crafter.


gilly said...

Winter Whimsy or Peppermint ... Either way, I love it! Well done on your finishing streak, I need one of those too! There are just way too many projects that need doing but I'm also starting to think Christmassy stuff :-)
Have a happy weekend!

Debbie said...

Go for the ice cream, of course! Great finish and great week of production. where do you get so much energy? You are like a whirlwind lately.....love it.

Katy Cameron said...

I never actually name my quilts. The horror! But I like the ice cream idea :o)

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